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What is Software Engineering? Software Engineering and Programming

What is Software Engineering? Hello friends! Today in this post we will read in full detail about Software Engineering and programming (What is Software Engineering?) and also know the characteristics of software. I have written it in very easy language. If you read it completely, you will understand it easily.

Software Engineering and Programming

  • Software engineering means an engineering in which software is created for computer systems and any other electronic device.
  • In other words, “Software engineering is a process in which user needs are analyzed and software is designed based on these needs.”
  • Software engineers build these software and applications by programming and designing.
  • Software enginee… is made up of two words. First software and second engineering.

What is software is a collection of programs.

  • Software is developed using many programming languages.
  • Engineering means to develop products using scientific principles and methods.

Why is software engineering needed?

It is needed for the following reasons:-

  • To manage large software.
  • For greater scalability.
  • To manage the cost.
  • To manage the dynamic nature of the software.
  • For better quality management.

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Need of Software Engineering

  • Large Software – In real life, it is easier to build a wall than to build an entire house. Similarly, whenever the size of the software gets bigger, software engineering helps in developing the software.
  • Scalability – If we build software on the basis of scientific and engineering concepts, then it is easy to create new software.
  • Cost – By following the process of software engineering, we can reduce the cost of software. For this we have to follow the right process.
  • Dynamic nature – The nature of the software is always changing and it needs to be changed according to the time. Software engineering plays a very important role in this.
  • Quality management – If the method of making software is better then the quality of the software is also better. Software engineering provides better methods.

Advantage of Software Engineering

Following are its benefits:-

  • It reduces the complexity of large software. Big software is always complicated and challenging. The complexity of a big project can be reduced by software engineering because it breaks big problems into smaller problems. Due to which small problems can be solved easily.
  • This reduces the cost (price) of the software.
  • This reduces the time taken to develop the software.
  • Through this it is easy to handle big projects. Big projects cannot be completed in a few days. It takes a lot of time and a lot of planning has to be done for it. If we follow the methods of software engineering, then big projects can be handled easily.
  • This makes the software reliable. That is, the software will be secure and bugs will not come in it.
  • With the help of software engineering, software becomes more effective.


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Characteristics of Software – Features of Software

A good software has the following properties:-

  1. Robustness – The software should have robustness so that defects and failures in the software can be detected.
  2. Security – The security in the software should be better so that the software remains completely secure and it remains safe from threats.
  3. Reliability – The software should be reliable i.e. there should not be any defects in it.
  4.  Flexibility – The software should be flexible, that is, if some changes are to be made in the software, then they can be done easily.
  5. Stability – Testing of software can be done easily.
  6. Platform independent – ​​The software should be platform independent that means it can run in any system.


Do you know what is computer programming (What is Programming)? It is a procedure by which instruction is provided to the computer to perform a task.

If you do not have any information about this, then I will say that you have come to the right place because today I am going to provide you all the information related to programming through this article What is Programming. That’s why I request you to read this article completely so that all your concepts will be clear.

To understand this properly, we have to understand programming languages ​​first because these languages ​​are the core of programming. We use these languages ​​and ask them to do some specific tasks. If seen, we use programming languages ​​for all the work of computer or any machines.

So today I thought why don’t you guys know what is programming language and its types? Complete information should be provided about this so that it is easy for you to understand this topic. So without delay let’s start and know what programming is

Computer programming languages ​​allow us (users) to give instructions to the computer in a language that the computer understands.

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Just as there are so many variety of human-based languages ​​among us humans, in the same way there are many types of computer programming languages ​​so that they communicate with the computer. You probably also know that the part of the language that the computer understands is called “binary”.

The conversion of programming language into binary is called “compiling”. All languages, whether it is C language or Python, all have their own distinct features, although they also have many commonalities with them.

These languages ​​allow computers to handle large processes and complex information quickly and efficiently.

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