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What is Blogging : How to Earn Money from Blogging

Blogging is a field where you can earn a lot of money.  And a lot of people say that How to Earn Money from Blogging and you have your own blog, in response to all of your strength, you have to give this blog, you will never have to search after this blog post, what is a blog .
What is Blog: – Friends blog is such a platform in today’s day, where you can become popular by sharing your knowledge and can also earn money. A blog is like a website, on which topic you are good or whatever you know, you can share it there.

If I say with a simple example, suppose you like to travel a lot and you keep going around a lot, then if you share something good in that place, or what place you have gone there, what is good or Then how do you feel about going there. If you share such details on your blog, then if someone searches about that place in Google, then you will find five on your blog and will be able to see what you have written. As I do, you must have understood what blogging is.

What is Blogger: –
A lot of people keep saying that What is Blogger wants to tell them all, friends blogger is the one who is the admin of the blog or the blog that runs. If you speak in an easy language, then if you make a blog to share your knowledge and you share some information there, then you too are a blogger.

How to create a blog: – Friends, you must have understood what now is and what a blogger is. Now this question will definitely be in your mind that if you how to create a blog, then you also tell me how clear you will make a good beautiful blog. Friends, you can create a blog for free, for that you will have to google After going to this page, you will have to create an account. After that you can create a blog for free.

Why should you create a blog: – The purpose of creating a blog depends on you, which one is the best expert on which job or you know which one is the best. So first of all, you should ask in your mind that if you want to be popular on your own, then you should definitely do blogging. Because blogging will recognize a lot of people and you will become a brand.

If you think that you only earn money from blogging then you will soon go into this field because you will have to give a lot of time to earn money from blogging. You will not be able to earn money overnight.

What to write in the blog: –
Blogging, So friends have already told you how you will be able to create a blog and why you should make a blog. So I want to tell you now that you like me blog, so if you have made a blog, then you must now worry about what you wrote in the blog, first of all I want to tell you that whatever you do well Do you know or whatever is the interest on the topic, write well on the blog. If you start writing on something, first you have to do a good research on that thing. So that you can present that thing well to your audience.

With a small example, I want to tell you that if you are interested in things related to technology, then write an article related to technology on your blog. If you start writing articles related to your health, then you will not be able to write as well and after a few days, you will also stop that blog. So friends, you have to take care that you make a blog according to your knowledge.

How to make your own blog ?
Creating a blog is now a matter of minutes. There is no need for you to learn programming, buy a computer or laptop and get training from a college or institution. Because you do not need all these things to create a blog, with the help of blogging tools you can also create your blog and publish the first post in minutes.

To create a blog, you will need to do the following.

  • Domain Name
  • Hosting
  • SSL Certificate

Domain Name
This will be the name of your blog. That is, is a domain name, similarly you will also have to buy a domain name for your blog. Which you can buy from domain registrar for less than one thousand rupees.

To connect to the Internet, we need an Internet connection and a computer that can live 24 hours. Such a computer is provided to us by web hosting companies. Blogging, Where our blog content and other essential tools and content store resides.

In hosting we get a computer called a server. On this server, we install blogging tools (such as WordPress) and connect the domain name and hosting to each other. After this work is done, our blog is almost ready.

SSL Certificate
Blogging, It was not needed in the early days of blogging. However, due to its increasing influence and commercialization, it started being used to earn money illegally and steal the personal information of the users. These incidents were more likely to increase due to e-commerce. Therefore it became mandatory for all the sites to install SSL Certificate. If you also want to create a blog, then install Secure Sockets Layer Certificate with domain name and hosting.

If you have these three things, then you can start a blog using Internet and computer knowledge and common sense. You can learn more about how to create a free blog by reading this guide. In this guide, we have told to make a free blog.

Advantages of blog – Advantages of Blogging?

 Blogging, The blog is no longer just an online diary that you can express your thoughts online only through this. People are seeing this as a career opportunity and hundreds of people have managed to manage a high life style by creating a blog. Blogger, Therefore, there are many benefits of the blog, which are mentioned below.

Freedom of expression – You can express your own personal views through the blog on any topic. There is no stopping you. Nor does anyone have control over you, just write these parameters in mind. Because no editor is going to order you here. That’s why journalists, politicians, social activists, students are sharing their things in addition to ordinary people by taking the help of blogs. Things that you cannot write on newspapers, magazines, news sites, you can express them openly here.

Means of making money – Blog has become a new means of earning money. Like we mentioned above, hundreds of thousands of people are blogging for their livelihood. that is very true. Because blogging has immense potential to make money. All it takes is a blogger to use it correctly and in the right direction.

College students are arranging their college fees through part time blogging, office workers are earning extra money through this. Professional people like photographers, graphic designers, singers, dancers, web designers etc. are sharing their skills. Affiliates with corporates are earning commissions.

Popularity – Internet can also be a tool to become a celebrity overnight. You can influence millions of people by reaching out to them in a single day and increasing your own popularity. Thousands of people have become and are becoming internet celebrities by writing blogs. Amit Aggarwal (, Harsh Aggarwal (, Jumedin Khan ( Hindi blogger) are not aware of how many faces that have become popular across the country today due to their blogs. English bloggers have taken the graph of popularity to international level.

Improve writing – If you are thinking of becoming a writer, start blogging today, because you cannot find a better teacher. Based on your writing in blogging, your readers connect. Therefore, you can guess yourself what kind of writing readers like and in which ways they can be added. If readers feel connected to you, then it means that you can solve their problems with your writing. Therefore, practical training of writing is available hands-on.

The way to build a personal brand – If you have a talent in you and you are identified with this skill then you can choose blogging as your medium. Because the Internet has access to millions of people. So you can reach more people in less time. Here people can learn their skills, can give information about their new works.

Helping others – You can also help people through blogs. how? We tell Just think your friend is planning to visit Nepal, asking you what kind of country Nepal is? You made him aware about the weather, people, costumes, food, language, culture etc. through the Internet. What would you call it? Hui na help. So people are making their lives easier by distributing their skills in this way.


How to earn money from Blog: –

What is Blogging : How to Earn Money from Blogging  Friends, if you want to earn money from your blog, then first you have to design the blog well and write some articles well. Blogging is a great way to earn money, which I have told in the details below.

Ad Network: –
Friends, the best way to earn money from a blog is by advertising. So friends, if you want to earn money with the help of ads in your blog, then you have to first get involved with ad networking. If you must be getting up in your mind that which ad networking is the best, then I want to tell you that Google Adsense is the best, from which you will be able to earn a lot of money. For this, all you have to do is create an account on AdSense and link your site.

Affiliate Marketing: –
Friends, I want to tell you that Affiliate Marketing is also a type of advertisement which you have to promote. If you understand in a simple language, if you are writing about a phone or any product in your blog, then you can give a link to that product on your blog. If anyone buys a product from your link, you will get a part of that product as a commission.

Benefits of blogging: –
Friends, there are many advantages of blogging, which I have told you in full details.
So if you create a blog, then from the clutches of your knowledge, a lot of people will follow you and you will be seen as a brand.
Friends, if your blog is ranked in Google search and the number of visitors is also high, then you can earn a lot of money from blogging.
Friends, if you bring your business online and you promote your blogging through, then you will be able to see a lot of followers and buy it if you like it.

Blog History – Blog History in Hindi?

In the early days of blogging, the word blog was not in vogue. When the Honorable ‘Justing Hall’ created the first blog in the world,, a student of Swarthmore College, in 1994, the term blog was not born.

The word ‘Weblog’ was first coined in 1997 by the Honorable John Barger, the author of Robot Wisdom. However, the real word that we use today – Blog, was shortened to ‘Web’ in 1999 by Honorable Peter Merholz.

After this, “” was formed with the basis of this word, which was actually a blogging tool developed by Pyra Labs. It is currently owned by Google.

It was from here that the blogging journey became enjoyable and blogs started raining, because now you did not need to learn programming to write a blog. This blogger was doing all this work. Who is still doing it today.

Impressed by Blogger’s success, the first version of a new open source blogging tool “WordPress” was introduced. Which was well appreciated. And today more than one-third of the world’s blogs and websites are proudly using WordPress.

  • Blog History Timeline
    1994 – Justing Hall, a student at Swarthmore College, created the first “”.
  • 1997 – The term “Weblog” was coined by Jorn Barger.
  • 1998 – Jonathan Dube, covering Hurricane Bonnie, covered this story for the first time on a weblog on a news site.
  • 1999 – Peter Mertholz blogs the word “Weblog“. This year, three friends’ startup, Pyra Labs, created the blogging tool “BLOGGER”.
  • 2002 – Blogging search engine “Technorati” introduced
  • 2003 – Pyra Labs sold BLOGGER to Google. The first version of WordPress was launched this year. And “Typepad” blogging service also started.
  • 2004 – Garfield starts the first video-based blog. This is considered the first one.
  • 2005 – Weblogcs, Inc. was purchased by AOL for $ 25 million
  • 2006 – According to a report by Technorati there has been talk of having 50 million blogs. And Mashable Blog Launched.
  • 2007 – Tumblr started. And Code of Conduct for bloggers created by Tim ‘O’ Reilly.
  • 2008 – Posterous launch by which bloggers could give short updates.
  • 2011 – Google launches a new service Google+.

Types of Blogs – Types of Blog ?

Blogs can be divided into several categories. Based on writing, based on presentation, based on blog technique. Thus there are other ways which can tell different types of blogs. But here we will talk about the 5 most popular types of blogs.

  • Personal Blogs
  • Group Blogs
  • Microblogs
  • Business Blogs
  • Aggregated Blogs

Personal Blogs
Personal blog is an online diary that is published on the web. In this diary (blog), a person, not a group or organization, shares his personal views. Therefore, these types of blogs attract a lot of readers in addition to family members, relatives, friends, office workers. However, nowadays personal blogging is being done in a professional manner. Therefore, these types of blogs are also attracting a lot of traffic and people are also collecting means to earn money.

Yes yes You can also earn money from a blog. Nowadays the trend of making money from blogging is going on (Google for more information, “How to earn money from blog / blogging”) and professional bloggers are able to earn full time income from their personal blog.

Group Blogs
If a blog is written by more than one person, then such blogs are called group blogs. These blogs affect a large number of readers and their traffic is also much higher than personal blogs. Also, you are able to do this engagement in a much better way. Such blogs are written on more than one topic. A blogger expresses his views on only one topic and other bloggers express their views on other topics of their choice. One of the advantages of this is that the work of managing a blog gets divided, so there is no work pressure on only one person.

Micro Blogs
You must have heard the name of Twitter. And would also use it. The tweeter allows its users to write only 140 characters. This is called microblogging and the act of microblogging is called microblogging. Apart from Twitter, platforms like Facebook, Tumblr etc. are providing this service.

Professional people like politicians, actors, writers, singers etc. use it to tell their new Shaw, books, films and other updates to their followers. This makes their association with followers more compelling. That’s why millions of crores of these celebrities are fan following on social media sites. The number of followers on social media sites is considered a status of success.

Business Blogs
Software companies, private merchants, non-governmental organizations use blogs to update their employees. This type of blog is limited to employees only and no other person can read it. These types of blogs are called business blogs. Since they are used by a particular company for its employees, they are also called Corporate Blogs.

Companies use blogs to share new information, meetings information, business reports, etc., membership clubs, groups, organizations etc. By giving updates in this way, information reaches more employees in less time. These types of blogs are also called personal blogs.

On the other hand, some businesses are also using blogs to reach new customers. New potential customers are being brought to the website by sharing information related to their product or service through a blog. This method is proving to be cheaper than other marketing tools. Therefore, the number of such blogs is increasing day by day.

Aggregated Blogs
Some blogs also include other related blogs in their posts. Or share posts related to any topic, product, service. In this way, readers get information related to a topic at one place. Such blogs are called Aggregated Blogs.

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