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Video Editing Course Complete Detail, What is Video Editing Course, Salary, Job Profile

Video Editing Course Complete Detail, Video editors employ digital and artistic technology skills to assemble raw recorded material into a cohesive format, suitable for distribution. This post-production process is usually believed to “make or break” a project; hence outstanding video editing is one among the humanities recognized in prestigious entertainment awards and festivals.

What Is Video Editing?

Imagine yourself during a dim movies , your eyes riveted on the screen. While you were transfixed to the screen, you’ll haven’t noticed how seamlessly each scene blended into subsequent one, or how perfectly the sound effects and dramatic music fit into each a part of the film.

Now, wrap your mind around this – not one movie ever began during this perfect seamless condition. When shooting a movie, cinematographers aren’t magical wizards that are ready to get the right shot whenever , and actors aren’t so perfect that they never make mistakes. Although a mean movie is not any longer than an hour and a half, all typically starts out with hours and hours of raw footage.

Video editing is that the process of selecting the simplest raw footage for a movie. This includes removing unusable footage and stringing together what’s left into the simplest possible sequence. Unusable footage often includes footage where actors make mistakes, the camera angles weren’t good , or it doesn’t move the story forward somehow. During the video editing process, each scene should segue into subsequent flawlessly.

Sound is another important a part of video editing. for instance , effect could also be added to the movie at just the proper times, so as to form it appear as if they were a part of the first video. this will include sound effects like explosions or maybe simple footsteps. Background music is usually added also .

What Does a Video Editor Do?

A video editor is that the professional liable for editing the raw footage shot during the making of a movie. Before the increased use of more modern digital video cameras, movie footage was shot on real strips of film. Video editors had to physically cut and splice certain scenes together. Today, however, the bulk of video editing work is completed with digital footage and computers.

A video editor will usually sit down with the director, and sometimes the producer, and watch hours and hours of raw footage. Together, they’re going to then decide which scenes should be kept and which of them should be deleted. Some shots are deleted for obvious reasons, but others could also be deleted, just because the director didn’t just like the point of view .

Once all of the ultimate footage has been chosen and melded together, a video editor will then often work with a effect editor. Together, they’re going to digitally insert sounds into a movie at just the proper moments. The timing has got to be perfect during this a part of post production, however, since if a sound is simply a second or two late, it can ruin the whole effect.

About Video Editing Course Details

Video Editing is all about making an appealing video by combining different shots into one. Along with that, you can add and remove different sounds to it. Video editing has been a process of re-arrangement and thus making new modifications to the video. In the job of video editing, you will have to collect different videotapes and thus bring a new one with the refined video. In the present time, video editors have been in good demand in the post-production process. In the job, you will have to edit the visual media, including different films, soundtracks, and videos. It is not about linear video editing but the non-linear or digital editing process. With this course, you will have an understanding of different videos with hands-on and practical training.

Video Editing Course Details

Course Video Editing Course
Eligibility No specific requirement but training in computer systems and programs
Duration No specific in Duration
Fee Paid Depending upon the institute between 3.5K to 10K per month
Course Type Video Editing, film editing, sound insertion, and deletion course
Salary Offered 5,000 to 10,000 INR per month
Job Opportunities Large Film Studios, Electronic News Channels, Media Houses, and much more

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Best video Editing Software

adobe premiere pro; premiere pro

Final Cut Pro X

Corel Video Studio Ultimate


CyberLink PowerDirector 365

Pinnacle Studio

Vimeo Create

Subjects and Concepts in Video Editing Course

Usually, undergraduate students take video editing courses for their future profession. In the editing theory, students will come across the piecing of video footage and give them an excellent structural form. In the course, you will learn about different video editing styles and thus form choices to form a final result. However, the necessary course of film editing is an introductory course. However, if students are to lean on non-linear film editing, they will develop hands-on skills and other outputting projects. The concepts that they will come across are :

  • Screen Direction
  • Sound Design
  • Continuity
  • Titling
  • Picture Management
  • Color Correction
  • Special Effects

Video Editor Education & Training Requirements

A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in film studies or production is typically necessary so as to start out a successful video editing career. While earning these degrees, many students also prefer to participate in internships, which permit them to figure alongside experienced video editors.

Bachelor’s degrees will usually be ok to secure an entry level position as a video editor’s assistant. Many aspiring video editors, however, will often continue to earn master’s degrees in video or cutting .

Traditional universities will sometimes offer these sorts of degree programs, but aspiring video editors might want to seem into art schools or film schools instead. These sorts of schools will often be ready to offer more specialized training.

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Typical Work Environment for UI UX Designers

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median annual salary for software developers (the field UI Designers falls under) was $103,560 in May 2017. For those just starting out, or for people who may hold an associate , certificate or have little experience within the field; the annual salary was about $57,000 per annum . Those with experience and a bachelor’s or master’s degree made about $154,000 per annum . The industries that employ the foremost software developers include computer systems design and related services, software publishers, finance and insurance, computer and electronic product manufacturing and management of companies and enterprises, therein order.

Most UI designers work full-time in an office or studio. Both large and little companies hire UI designers, and therefore the job outlook is sweet . In fact, employment is predicted to grow 17 percent from 2014 to 2024, which is far faster than average for all career fields. this is often due partially due to the necessity for brand spanking new apps on mobile devices and tablets, and a rise within the number of products that use software, like cell phones, smart tv’s and appliances.


Video editing careers are often very lucrative for the proper people. consistent with the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the typical salary for a video editor was $58,210 in 2017, with the very best salaries within the movie industries. A video editor’s salary will often depend upon variety of various factors, however. for instance , educated, experienced, and talented video editors will usually be ready to command a way higher salary. A video editor’s location may additionally have an impression on the quantity of cash he makes. Typically, video editors operating in areas with a better concentration of production studios, like California, will often be ready to make extra money.

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Video Editing Course Syllabus

Video Editing is all about practice. In the course, you will come across different subjects and concepts. The basics include editing videos, removing and including sound, correcting the colors, managing the picture, bringing continuity in the video, and adding some special effects. These are all requirements for a video editor to start with. There could be many advanced level editing concepts in the same field of study.

Video Editing Course Job Profiles

If you join Video Editing, your future is secure with a good job prospect in the large film studios, media houses, electronic new channel groups, and working in different production houses in the entire country. There has been increased popularity and demand for video editors in the country these days. Hence the next time, you will have a better and competent job opportunity in the mere future. The career outlook has been positive in the field of Video Editing. A video editor can work as a Cue Selector, Film Editor, Electronic News Gathering Editor, News Video Editor, and much more.


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